Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sex in Barcelona

The day the ship was amazing, we shot all day
to Barcelona with our new friends, and arrived at 4 pm,
we were exhausted and we were dropped on chairs in a cafe
just around the Ramblas.

I wanted a berm refreshing coffee, but since all the others went to
Coronita, I adapted the most and so on toast.

Mark, a dentist, had to be one of us that held up better than alcohol,
because after the fourth or fifth round of beer when he noticed that there
hurry to find a taxi and get back on board in danger of remaining
Barcelona for the night.

We were lucky and arrived just in time, feeling too good
dose of rebukes by the staff of the ship in a few
minutes would have closed the gates and prepared the ship for departure. La Costa
Magic left port shortly after almost without my noticing.

Came in the room was destroyed, dead tired in the heat and the large
walk. Of course the boat was a beautiful city but, guys. that ran

Just arrived in the room I was stripped and thrown on the bed, while he,
without even deigning to look the same and had shut himself
in the bathroom.

It was a moment. I closed my eyes and left the world of dreams, I woke up
blissfully feeling that I was kissing her breast, while with my hand
stroked his leg, first on one side, then down to the knee
then back up into lapping the edge of her panties.

I opened my eyes and saw him ready, with pinstripe pants and shirt
with twins.

"But we're already dressed? Did not have to." I asked.

Indeed it was the morning we wanted to make love but then we had
get up late and for once we were in question to visit the city
together with the guys we knew, we did not want to miss the commitments
taken. But then came back on board I was asleep and he had
let her sleep. I had barely time to take a quick shower and
dress, the dinner was waiting for us at the restaurant for the evening gala, and
that I did not want to miss.

Entering the bathroom deliberately left the door open and his face is not
long in check at the door watching me while I was brushing. What
I liked a lot and he knew it. So, covered in soap, I did not fail
to show him a taste of what was lost leaving me to sleep.

He watched, first very serious, then they saw the French fashion
through the pinstriped trousers that my caresses had had the effect
wanted and then I stopped.

Out of the shower, while I was bent over my bag looking for my
complete super sexy black felt his hands grab the buttocks and a
fraction of a second after his lips that kissed me gently. its
language rose to the top floor, savoring my taste for a while,
before continuing, again for only a second between the buttocks and then
on the back. It was his way of saying, "I'm just not counting the
minutes to go in the cabin to make love, you too shall burn with desire
with me .. "

And so I must say that was really the evening, we arrived at the restaurant where
Mark and Francesca will wait 10 minutes, they too had the air of
have just woken up, but which does not in any way weakened by its
her beauty, beautiful in her little black dress. It was a little higher than I, and
even more "equipped" on both the front and back, had a dress
very short and very light when we sat down he discovered that most of
abbronzantissime legs, especially compared to my golden colorino
which I was so proud.

The evening passed quickly away, including the spectacle of the waiters at the restaurant,
the discourse of our boys on the life of a village full of entertainment
amusing anecdotes, followed by the show at the theater and the inevitable
ride to the casino where I won 300 coins to slot machines. At the end of
one thing and another we were on deck at half 9 at night
spiluccare sweets and fruits of the feast at midnight with two other boys
Turin we had always known about the ship, but these tend to
preferred to run alone when we were on the ground.

The stars looked down and a breeze too light nor there
touched by playing with our clothes, I think that was not lost on
no sight of my nipple discovered by the wind more than once, as
I was surely not escape the sight of my white pants

It was time to go to sleep, we rose to the usual greetings and happened
something there for them upset me a lot. We were greeted when
Francesca while we were giving the usual kisses her instead
I almost kissed the cheeks to the lips, the sides of his mouth. Not
pay for this, as I encircled his arm behind his back went down with the
hand down on the seat, as I said goodnight loudly whispered
ear "after, if you want" and I pressed her to himself, brushing with
fingers in the groove and making up for a brief moment my pubic bone in contact
with her.

No one noticed anything, to the point that I thought really that I dreamed
everything. I stood there like a fool to do with hello as I saw the hand
others to leave their cabins and Roberto that I supported
his jacket over his shoulders and asked me if everything was ok. I said nothing,
so I did not yet understand if it really happened or whether it was
was a figment of my sick imagination. She was so beautiful, I had
wanted to caress those long hair blacks, to touch his skin
tanned and kiss on the mouth, but they were only thoughts, dreams of a
mind, sometimes a little perverse.

When the cabin door closed behind me I was still half
upset. Roby's gaze was clear, I was already stripping with
eyes. I went back and kissed me on my back, I felt that I was talking and I
saying something as I lowered the zipper and slid to the ground
my dress was very excited and I think much more of him.

His hands were touching me and caressing her breasts while I mechanically
fumbled with his belt and zipper of his pants. It was one thing
strange, I did not want to make love with him, or rather, not interested,
but I had caused and now I could not pull back, so I sat
calargli on the bed and I finished the pants and boxers. was excited and
hard, touched him with his hand and gently masturbated before
take it in your mouth. For a moment I hoped that was almost immediately, but in
I was actually shocked by a thousand winds, from one side of the passion, emotion
very strong for that contact, the idea that something could really happen
by Francesca excited me so much and at the same time scared me and
Then there was my him that I loved them and was now ready to make love
me, which certainly do not scorn at all.

I played a bit with his tongue around the tip of the glans and it sucked
gently. He went crazy when I did so, I knew that. In fact, it
escaping pulled back to my attention. He knelt before me,
ready to return the favor. I gently took off the shorts and made
to kiss me down there, but I stopped by closing the legs. "I want it now,
now, inside me, "I whispered.

He quickly put a condom and started over me. I was a lake and if
noticed it too, believed him to be the merit of all that
desire and I believe I left him. I heard him come in me plan
floor, and then begin to move rhythmically. It was a feeling
strange, I felt pleasure and at the same time my mind was elsewhere,
a sweet torture, a thirst that despite all his efforts, that
boy could not quench. When I heard the shots of the kidneys that
followed each other stronger and pretended he was going to be coming to my turn and
shortly after a hot liquid fills the condom still inside of me.

I let her heavy breathing to calm down and I did get out. A
Judging by the amount of seed he must have liked it very much. The
His body was drenched in sweat, as well as the rest of mine, began to
kiss my breasts and I, perhaps a bit 'short cacciai in the bath
rebuild the shower.

While he was in the bathroom the phone vibrated and it was just the message that
I hoped and feared to receive: "At 3.30 on the bridge near the whirlpool
if you want to do 2 steps. "

My heart wanted to run away from his chest.

I had often dreamed in my sleepless nights with another adventure
girl, a fixed idea which inevitably led me to touch, to
grazed until orgasm. And now that the occasion was perhaps just a
hand I was afraid? There was still almost an hour at 3:30, waited for Roberto
rinchiudermici come out of the bathroom and I let the sleep begin
to act on my boy.

I left the bathroom that was missing 20 minutes. He was already asleep quiet. Not
I knew just what to do, go? Stay? My wake him and talk about it?
I finally decided to make a turn, and then I would have approached boh.

But when I reached the door of the bridge 9 which gave the unhedged
ship I heard his voice calling me from behind.

"I was hoping so much that you would come," he said. We sat at a table, the
ship was almost deserted except for the Filipinos who cleaned the tables and a
that couple kissing passionately on a bed hidden in the shade
the other side of the ship. I asked her what she had missed a mind
do, and I confessed to having once had an affair with a woman, and that
She loved me, but for the fact that it always travels with the
their boys had never had the opportunity to talk about it. It was very
a bit nervous and trembling 'hand while fiddling with the ashtray on
table, but I pretended not to notice.

Let 's talk about that and, not without difficulty, I could tell you that
She liked me too much and that if we were alone I do not know what
would happen.

I had not finished to tell her everything that came up to me, I put a
hand on her leg and kissed me tenderly on the mouth. At that kiss, I burst
like an icicle in the sun in August, it was all terribly exciting,
I wanted to strip it and love it here, now on the table but instead lasted
just a moment. Then he took my hand and told me to go with her.

Under the watchful eye a bit 'surprised and a bit' grinning bartender
Philippine went back and boarded the ship in the first lift. Li we
kissed again and asked her where she wanted to take me.

"Leave it to me" was the only thing he told me.

Wandered a bit 'for areas of the ship deck 5 but were either too exposed or
footage from the cameras. For a moment we were tempted to enter the
even small chapel, but then we found the library door opened and
We go in there. It was a small room. With the seats in
shell-shaped with a high back and padded wrap to reduce
noise, we sat down on one of those and we resumed kissing. The
situation was terribly exciting, I felt the hands of Frank I
caressed her breasts and I did the same with her. Neither
wearing a bra and touching the breast of another girl was a
strange feeling which I can not describe precisely. She took off her
T-shirt, revealing two beautiful breasts, a bit 'bigger in my
Indeed, once I got to touch and kiss her.

Francy toppettino took off and had me up inviting me to do the same
and while undressed in front of her shirt, put his hands on
hips and slid to the ground leaving the linen shorts
practically in their underwear. I was about to remove them for them but also those I
taken for a moment fear and drew me back, I was practically naked, in a
which would, in theory anyone could enter, and then I thought of Roberto
slept in the room (if sleeping), and I thought even a thousand other things but then,
another kiss made me forget everything and so the last veil
covering my nudity fell leaving me completely at the mercy of
my beautiful friend. Perched at a table behind me resumed
to love, his hands touched me everywhere and I did not understand anything, I was
excited and not even objected when I saw her kneel nothing
in front of me and fit my face between my legs.

He had always been my constant thought when the evening, alone in my bed,
I make dreams and I had a thought that you kiss me there
and now really going on below. I came almost immediately, I felt his tongue
caress me all the folds of sex, like a butterfly trying drops
dew from the petals of a rose, a far cry from the
men that I had, they chewed, sucked and pulled, while
I gently stroked her with his tongue and lips, was an emotion
infinite and never felt before. Usually when I do I do in many ways
love, but that night I had to be particularly inspired because more
than once I had to scream or not to recommend the risk of getting
discovered. The ultimate was when I felt two fingers slowly make their way
Francesca while still inside of me, with the tip of my tongue tortured
the clitoris, at that moment I clearly remember that I cried out of pleasure, not
I could stop myself, a shudder ran through my body as a
sweet kick. I gave up lying on a marble ice cream, with
her fingers still inside my body and my hand that held them there, without
properties. I wished that moment would never end.

Francesca kissed me on the mouth, slowly pulling your finger, it was a kiss
sweet and salty at the same time, his lips felt my taste,
strange thing, a little 'perverse, perhaps, but what could be more perverse
arrive at that point? We stayed like that for an indefinite time, half-reclining
on the table in a pose obscene, especially me, with her legs spread and
sex in plain sight in front of the door. When my breath
it was a bit 'calmed down and my heart began to beat at a rate almost normal
I looked at my beautiful friend in her beautiful green eyes and whispered a
thanks. At that point it was my turn to return the favor and I was ready to
anything in return for his attentions. I got off the table and the
I sit in my place. I was terribly embarrassed when I tried to
take them off shorts and panties, she noticed it because I got a
moment from the table and turned her back to me when I took the last
two garments I was astonished to see that he was completely naked and shaved
before my eyes and the soft lights of the library. The smell of his
sex, a few inches from my face dropped probably the last
I had doubts, and as she had done before me dipped his face in
her thighs and began to lick and kiss her. At first I did not like
much, but then, hearing the groans of Francesca and realizing that what she
we liked a lot of time taken to my taste and I started to always go
deeper, penetrating as far as I could with my tongue. While her
with one hand under her belly touched me I replaced the hand to mouth,
moistened with saliva the middle finger and slid it slowly inside.
I moved slowly, as I like to be penetrated, but it was still a
Once she take my hand, telling me to use two fingers and show me
as she liked. and had really liked because it kept
whisper to continue and so-so! again. "

It was really beautiful, a beautiful and exciting thing disproportionately,
profoundly different from the so-called heterosexual sex. When Francesca was also
sate of my pampering we sat in a chair and the other arm
long to continue to exchange kisses and caresses, I can safely say that it was
a bit 'as a first time I made love.

The magic ended abruptly when I was about to fall asleep with your face
leaning on his breast, with a kiss I said it was now time to
back in the arms of my lover legitimate. "I have been an adventure,
Roberto must love you very much, it's time to go back to him about.. "

I did not want to go, I wanted to stay in those books until dawn, until
when someone had not come to leave the morning papers or
search for a mystery novel to fill your day and we had discovered
still together.
My companion, however, after making me get up, dressed himself without even
even look at me and almost seemed annoyed because I hesitated to get dressed. The Way
back was terribly short and fast, and arrived in front of his
disappeared inside the cabin there silently, taking his leave with a smile and a
fleeting see you tomorrow. At that point I took the question of what to say if
Roby had noticed my flight, I had been away nearly two hours on and off,
the sea, the first light of morning twilight already peeping on
sea. I could not say it was a ride because I could not
sleep, or at least did not hold that much, but the range of
possibility was not very large. In the end I decided to cross our fingers
and hope that he had not noticed anything. Insert the card in
slot and went quietly. He was lying on its side, no more
nor less than when I was out, I breathed a sigh of relief and before
lie down beside him sat on his chair meditating on the meeting
that night.

Slowly my eyes became accustomed to the darkness and after a while 'I realized
he was not sleeping, his eyes were open and watching me smiling.

"What are you doing awake" was the only thing I could say.

There was a moment of silence before he opened his mouth to answer and
said: "How did it go with Frank? you like it?"

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