Saturday, January 8, 2011

The best sex in Barcelona

Crystal Sauna: it is an apartment on the fourth floor of a building, adjacent to the parking garage that is next to the Barcelona Sants station, open 24 hours on 24.
You can also enter directly from the second floor of the adjacent multi-storey parking station.
As you enter, make you sit in a room and parade in front of the nose fifteen / twenty dumplings into regiments and panties, so you can make your choice. The rooms are modern and clean, with a distinctive circular bed and a Jacuzzi.
The rates range from 120 to 220 € for half an hour to an hour, always with whirlpool, but it is said that in times of low attendance are not able to be served something. Performance standards, no anal sex, and quality level of Gnocchi quite satisfactory.

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