Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sex in Barcelona

"Finally!" I could not help but think, when after 8 hours
walk from museums, squares and monuments of Barcelona, ​​behind closed
me the door of the hotel room where we were staying. With
I shared a room Joseph, my schoolmate, and while I
I lie down on soft bed he already 'had dived on
spirits of the mini-bar. "Look, those are paid after" - I said -
and he said, "Oh, really? But, sorry, are not included in the price of
room? "" Maybe! Those are optional! "I replied with a hint of
assumption due to the fact that I had indeed traveled far
more 'I who Giuseppe.Era the first time he left Italy, even
why could not wait to go on a trip.
I went back to lie down on the bed, stretched and lay down on the side
thinking of having her near. Lei. Monica. The girl who was
in love and for which I would do anything, I would have sold
two souls for money just to be able to shake gently to me and
baciarla.Ma was a dream. She, like 'sweet, so' beautiful and so '
hell away from me. It made me almost ill be there 'on Tour
'cause I would see certainly more' and more often 'I would often
I felt every emotion took unexplained time I saw her
even from a distance. While I was on the bed, I imagined to touch
fingers her silky hair and kiss her gently on the black
lips, then neck and then .. "Oh, Sergio!" I wake up a little 'out of tune
with the mouth still ajar while the arm with an eye look
the face of Joseph who is amused: "Think about Monica huh?"
fun with a grin. "No, but you're crazy? Spend time with
'Ste shit? "" Yes, yes ... "answered," So sorry if I intruded
in the history of love between you and your forearm. "" But why 'not
you talking about? "he said. And I, and now the tone of someone 'discovered' and that
I say? I love that drive you crazy? I can already imagine it falling into my
arms. "" Do not be so 'pessimistic! Basically you'll have to try it!
You can not roderti the liver as well ', formerly' you have been hurt when he had
mass with that asshole John III of the E, what will you do to
next? Spades Prozac swallow them? ". Risi at bat, but
I could not help but think that deep down he was right. I had
come forward, I had to tell her everything I unsubstantiated or remorse for
who knows' what tempo.Preso by a sudden frenzy I got up and said
"I go in the room of Rosaria. I have to do something." I was going to
meet "by chance" Monica (note my friend's girlfriend Rosaria
of before) and we were not confess my sentimenti.Dopotutto
unknown among us, and we knew we had spoken many
times, so I was not a complete stranger who was in front.
I was ready for anything. And after knocking on the door with my heart in my throat
Rosaria chamber (where the old tradition were held
meetings of the girls in the afternoon and night parties) entered
are about fifty girls from eyes
classes aimed toward me.Alche 'I thought, while the eyes of Monica
were part of the forest of eyes: "Christ! Anyways' 5 or 6 girls
room, at least I asked to speak on the sidelines, but as this horde
I raise in front of me? ". Rosaria improvised by asking if he had the
toothpaste from prestarmi.Tornai Room, Joseph was sitting on the
bed watching television and when you around 'and saw me standing
at the door with a tube of toothpaste in his hand, made a
face such that the only thing missing was a question mark over the
head, then said: "Do not ask me anything!" He smiled doing
shook his head and turned away parte.Aveva understood
tutto.Avevamo a strong and he understood me and I was sure he had
imagined the scene of the first frame to rip fotogramma.Poi '
the silence with: "To you I have to think I", making me stay almost
terrified affirmation.
By dint of fuckin 'around and speeches of various kinds (The whales will
do blowjobs? How many gallons of semen will have 'swallowed Lisa III
A? Why 'the dwarves of Snow White were 7? And so 'on ...), spent the
pomeriggio.Cena.Rientro Room. It was 23 and we should
spend the evening in the room for someone to get drunk, smoking pipes and
groped to possess some beautiful classmate. The proposal
was tempting, but I was exhausted and I could barely walk for non-
I slept for 2 days. Cosi'Giuseppe went away, 'and I was
only. "Sure, sure you do not want to come?" -I said-"YES!"
I replied and he disappears 'because subito.Strano' was usually
able to stay half an hour to convince him to go somewhere
go! I lay in bed and closed my eyes.
Suddenly I begin to feel warm, it will be 'heating or
fatigue, or temperature that was remarkable even in April
Spain. I then think to do what I always do at home in the summer:
sleep naked. I like, and 'relaxed. Then I undress, I reversal
in the bed and began to sleep. When at some point feel
knock on the door and then "Open Sergio I forgot my lighter!" The
Joseph's voice beyond the 'door to lift me out of bed naked
going to open. "So and 'just him' - I thought -" or at most with
some friends of ours who I care if they see me naked. "I opened the door
doing and turned back toward the bed and walked
I said: "I am back in the bed, you go out and close." I expected a
Joseph's comment that I was naked. Well, there was the comment.
"Congratulations!" But the voice was that of Joseph! That was
of ... Oh! Oh no! I froze fermai.Mi when I heard behind me
that sentence. NO! Could not be her! I turned my head and
I saw half smiling while Joseph was being had corsa.Le
talked, I learned later, and had taken her to camera.Ma hell! What
I knew I? Meanwhile, I was naked and she came before me beautiful,
camiceta with a blue skirt and a black left to see his
fleshy and shapely legs veiled in dark stockings. The twilight of the
room decreased feebly my shame. "Monica I ... I ... I"
"Sssch" he said, bringing his index finger to his mouth. This approach 'and
I kiss'. She opened her lips and I let his tongue in my
My most bocca.Il 'greatest wish had just come true! I had a
incredible moment of frenzy that paralyze, then she
embrace 'and I burst even I, embracing and participating more'
to kiss passionately. The accarezzzavo the body, the hair, so '
as she did with me. He took my hand and I'm 'on the bed. By now
I was already 'horny and my cock was fully erect. The
I stroked her thighs with his hand reaching inside her skirt and
alzo'la gesture made by the pleasure of allowing me to kiss her head and
sucking her neck. Now I practice, managing the game. While
I continued to kiss her, made her lie down and undid her blouse,
I opened it and began to massage and suck those beautiful and
big breasts after they had brutally driven out of
bra cups. She got up 'a little' and if you untie ',
allowing me far better. I lay down on her and I plunged with
face in those beautiful tits and then up on the neck and
back to kiss her on the mouth while she was leading me take my dick
movements from the heat. After a few seconds, you lift up 'mini-skirts and
panties while she was lying and told me biting my ear
"Take me!" I would not have jumped at half time, but the
was a problem: I did not have a condom and I had a fucking
afraid to say ... like ... do not get out in time the bird from the oven!
Suddenly I had a vision. "Keep your cousin, that you will be able '
used once, and 'better take it below, though right now
do not know what to do with it, keep it for luck! "" God exists! "I thought.
My cousin Attilio gave me a condom a few months ago and I
I still had it in the backpack that I used for school
trips! "Wait a minute," I said to Monica and without giving them time to
I raised a murmur dl bed, jumped naked in the room to
search of my backpack, I found him, frantically searched my pockets
and I found it! "Ok, here I am," I said as I ridistendevo on his
fantastic body and she replied with a smile and a chuckle.
Meanwhile, I began to kiss her and opened the condom. She took it
and threw him out and unroll it to me 'on my cock swelling "How
and 'duur "said exponentially increasing my desire to fuck her
to more 'I can not. I began to shove in and posizionai
made by his now slippery cunt umori.Scivolai more and more '
inside, slowly, as she gasped and emitted light verses
pleased with all the pole slipped and began to pump it at first, then
strong, then alternating the movimenti.Era fantastic! I could hear everything
her warm pleasure envelop his cock while I kissed her always
more 'appassionatamente.Poi now taken by the pleasure, I began to
pumping more and more 'forte.Lei, perhaps for fear that I came
too soon he said: "Wait, let me put on." I am excited
I lay down and she straddled over me helping her into
with my dick in his hand and began to warm up and down muversi '
entranced with the look to the sky jolting her tette.Io
I was locked as such was the pleasure I felt, and to pump poidiedi
I also laid out by synchronizing them with his movements and beginning to
more panting 'forte.Ad suddenly: "Aaahhh
SSSiiiii! Ssiiiiii! I do morireee! Siiii! Cosii '! Cosiiii'!
Bbellloooo! AAAhhAHHH! AH! "A sharp cry, she continued to
pant, which I continued to pump. While it had begun
I heard screaming in the balls and sperm begin to boil
risalire.Diedi the latest pumped, and then sborrai, a river of sperm
fill 'the reservoir of the condom while emitting strange ways of
pleasure. After I stopped Monica levo 'cock from pussy, you
collapses' on me and kissed me and after having placed these
Its divine blacks they took hair behind the ear with a finger I
whisper ': "I love you." I do not know why', but I seem 'trivial, it seems to me'
stupid and a little 'trash. It was almost like the ending of a
joke where you expect the final joke, but I vennne
natural: "I love you too" ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

"Amoreee? And 'ready, you come from?" "Wait a minute." Unless the document and then
I go, and meanwhile you 'here, has opened the study door and it' here
in front of me. "Sergio, love, good food! Come on and 'ready!" me, and I
I watch, I watch 'cause I'm in love with her for the umpteenth
time, as when I saw her for the first time sitting on the staircase
second floor of the school. "Monica ... I love you." She smiles, kisses me softly
on his lips and says: "I love you too, now come." It embraced
I go there with her the other stanza.Non 'doubt. I love it.

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