Monday, July 16, 2012

The sexual video tape

I saw a video tape cassette This, of course, porn, covered the world dell'Interracial or sexual relationships between men gifted blacks and white women. A watch that movie I was shocked by the size of the penis, but it all ended that night, everything was gone until that damn day. One night while we were making love she seemed more excited than usual. It 's always been very modest but with me has always been taboo just a few (unfortunately the ass is one of those), but this night seemed particularly slut. I said that I had wanted a lot during the day and were coming up her things and so it was particularly excited. While I was slammed on her that the strong, the words came from the mouth so that left involuntarily surprised even me: "I'd like a black man I'll put in my mouth now?" She gasped while the violent blows that cock gave me said "Siiii ...", the came in and I could feel my big cock more than ever .. she was at that moment ... and it was a target because she is very few times, although he assures me that like it anyway. While we were lying in bed cuddling her I wanted to swap to a question, but then changed his mind and remained silent for arricciarmi hair. The next day my curiosity, I was eating the liver, I sent a message, was stronger than me [but really you, would you put in the mouth by a black man?] ... The answer was obvious and [NO!]. I decided to talk to her. Initially they felt offended by what he thought did not love her, that I wanted to use as a whore, but assured him of everything and she said that she understood my intentions but they do not speak at all to do such a thing, to I gave up talking about it while we were having sex or watching a porn movie together. I took the plunge! Rispolverai the damn tape as the tape and began watching the film shortly after it washed well with the preliminaries, in order to heat it well. While fucking her doggy style watching the film, and my comments were becoming heavier until, in coincidence with the famous scene, I asked "would you like to stay there instead of that?" and she answered me in a way that made her shine all over the state of mind at that moment "MAYBE". That night we did while he was on all fours and told her that there was a surprise for her .. "Promise not to incazzarti" and she nodded. I picked the thing that I had hidden and showed it to her. She smiled and said "oh well .. let's try it from" I asked her to suck it, she was initially hesitant but only because it smelled like latex .... but then finally I saw her mouth open to catch the chapel completely black. It was just a fucking rubber but the image was so exciting that I came immediately. But I wanted to go further ... I wanted to see it in her pussy wet and soft, that beautiful pussy that under my request, he was shaved. Like ... pornstars. I was immediately hard, I continued to fuck her while she licked it, put it in his mouth and passed it on her nipples. He had become familiar with the tool. I put her doggy style and slipped the big cock, black, beautiful! He held up his arms, but when I slipped her arms gave way and ended with his head on the pillow, panting. I saw the thing that was bathing: he liked it! His moods were all wet cock and then, seized with excitement, took it off and slipped my cock. While I rode I said, "you ask me or that thing?" ... And she did not need to repeat "what you put on!". I came out spontaneously "You're a whore!" and her "yeah ... I'm your bitch." We continued to use it for a long time. I lit a light bulb in my head. I stopped by to fuck her, I was kneeling on the bed and put her hands on hips, looking at her air of one who is talking about something serious. "Simon, no intimacy between us now, complicity. We are a happy couple and we love each other", "so what?" I interrupted her. "Simon what do you say let's try a true black?", "Paul you know I'm shy, I do not think I could do it." Shit! was not a no ... I insist but without oppressing. "Maybe we can try first with a mouthpiece .. so what? What do you think?" ... I looked into his eyes, as if trying to figure out who you really were. Then he shrugged, sighed and said in a quiet voice "is only a mouthpiece, no penetration. And then there must be too, I do not want to leave me alone with a stranger." THE dream was coming true! Yes, but where to find it? What once seemed simple and obvious was becoming a very difficult thing. In the street? Cumbra a vu? not even mentioned! Maybe they have diseases and then as I hold it? On the internet. I contacted and met I found it! At dinner I talked with Simon, I showed their listing of the type with a grimace and she told me "ugly ... but it's got big? And burst out laughing. She did not care, just wanted to be satisfied. And that truly disappointed me a bit. I did not mean she did it just to please me, I would have liked that she wanted it. We planned it all that night. "Just a mouthpiece and nothing more. And if I want to quit while we're doing, please do not insist," said Simon in a manner similar to that used by a mother who is making arrangements to his son. The next morning I contacted Tumaini (the black guy) and not a little embarrassed I explained everything. He told me that there was no problem, that would do what I would ask. Everything was ready was due to arrive. He wore a kind of skirt, flip-flops with straw and a green t-shirt. He sits on the couch in front of her and begins what I had waited a very long time. With a hand was holding the pole and licked his lips the chapel. He was so large that Simona had to open my mouth to take it, and still took the chapel and a little more. He was excited, but always composed. He understood what was his role. His cock got hard and if Simon was enjoying in all ways. If you slam on the tongue, licking it from top to bottom, stuck it inside his mouth and if the craving passed (as it often does) on your nipples. Until that moment I was feeling jealous. I saw him not as a rival in love, but as an object. Until then, however, because then ... The unexpected happened. "Paul can prove it in? I want it put in the pussy" she said gasping voice, a voice I had never heard before. I tingled his head, the legs do not hold me up, my hands were shaking, heart pounding. I nodded with a nod. I felt that her cheeks had turned bright red. She climbed on the couch, he had already put on a condom (and after it made me doubt, I always carried with him? Or was safe to use?), Kept the bat with one hand and the other dilated vagina . I saw that if I slipped up, it was very large for it to sink immediately. He came down an inch, and then climbed back down to two .. and slowly gained more and more. Until her pussy was enlarged and had taken the form of that huge cock. The condom barely kept the fucking time that seemed to explode, and leave uncovered a large quantity of black meat. Now the pace of Simona became faster and her moans more frequent and stronger. It came the goose bumps on the butt. I turned to look at Simon in the face, I sat behind the couch. His neck and his face was red, sweaty skin, eyes closed and mouth open in a grin of joy. His hands were resting on the shoulders of the boy and from that position I could see that swatch of hair going up and down on that cock seeds covered by white latex. He was about to come, I see forever when Simon is about to come. Interrupted panting, her moans had stopped, his head was bowed and his face touched the black, is banging with more vehemence and then ... an explosion as he opened his mouth, he stopped squirming, and many came from his throat " ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhh ". She came, her nipples had become huge and very hard, fiery red neck, forehead, back and all sweaty. He got up frantically, lifted him up and took his place. She under and above him. He picked up his legs with his arms up to touch his knees to his chest. I was before I went to see it from another angle. I was masturbating helpless .. my thoughts did not exist, I could not think of anything. I was paralyzed in disbelief, shocked. He lost his reverential shyness and began to slam it hard, but always being careful not to sink too ... obviously was not his first experience. I wanted to participate, I wanted to put your dick in your mouth. I sat sideways on the couch and as he slammed hard, I tried to infilarglielo in the mouth. She was in a trance, he did not understand anything, I rested my cock on the lips, but she picked it up. What the fuck was driving me crazy. I talked to him, asked him "do you like?" but she did not answer, he always had his mouth open, eyes closed and panting ... was a second time. After coming the second time came out of the trance state and turned into a beast. He remained in that position, upside down and with both hands he took the boy's head. I did not understand anything. She did not look the woman I married, the angel shy and gentle. Now the moans were mixed with roars of small ... I looked into his eyes. I tried again to put his cock in her mouth .. "It mettimelo in the mouth by!" and began to suck it with passion and anger in his face ... the sborrai "pig yeah ... yeah ..." told me later. By now it had become a tiger unstoppable, all restraint was dropped inhibitory. He got up and sat on the couch doggy style. "Come on! Put it!" said the black. By now I was a peripheral figure, the players had them and they were not aware of my presence at all. The attentions of Simon were the only black cock. He was about to come again and this time in a violent way. He put his face in the cushions of the couch and cried in a muffled scream from the cushions. The legs were twitching and he was seized with spasms. He too was at that point.

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