Friday, February 4, 2011

Live sex in Barcelona

The hall is located in downtown Bagdad in Barcelona more precisely in Calle Nou de la Rambla 103, close to Avenida del Paralelo, where every night the show comes to life most famous pornographic live in Spain and Europe.

The lounge, open from 1975 (the death of dictator Francisco Franco took place in this year is nothing short of significant) receives its viewers every day from 23 to 5 am offering sex shows, showgirls, duets and lesbian, icing on the cake, the possibility for the complacent public to take part in "performances", all at a price of 90 € with drink, 20 € more for each subsequent drink, a cost, as the same manager says, helps customers select the .

On the web page of the local (not linked directly to the Blog Spain) among other curiosities, says that the hall Baghdad boast of another first: the presence of a wall of the sixteenth century as a gateway, though - and demand arises - is unclear who among the visitors will be able to pay attention to the artistic heritage, at least, facing dozens of beautiful girls entirely nude.

To give greater prestige to the hall Baghdad known names of national and international porn: Nacho Vidal, Sophie Evans, Christina Bella, Belladona, Illona Staller and obviously we Rocco Siffredi.

In short, lovers of the genre, it is appropriate to say, enjoy the show!

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