Friday, February 11, 2011

Barcelona sex in the street

What street prostitution is a problem that affects all large cities, but in 'the former Barrio Chino Catalan metropolis, now invaded by tourists, especially Italians, you're going well beyond.

"It's a shame the girls are all between the columns of trucks and goods." It 's the owner of a shop of the Boqueria, the most famous market in Barcelona and one of its main attractions along the Ramblas, and tells his story in El Pays. So the columns of what was awarded as the best market in the world are now occupied by the baby during the night African prostitutes and their customers engaged in breeding uninhibited public. Twenty euro for a performance en plein air in a secluded place that does not really have anything. Photos taken by El Pais document it and show support to the columns customers and black girls with panties, skirts and pants down and captured in action in different positions.

DEALERS IN REVOLT - "It's my despair," says the chairman of the traders in the area, Manel Ripoll. Every morning the shopkeepers have to clean up the street from the abandoned condoms' chicas' overnight '. One area where the transit of food is continuous and hygiene must be excellent, thus becomes the night shelter for vagrants and prostitutes, the most degraded of the city, who can not even compete with the surroundings of the Camp Nou, the other place classic prostitution in Barcelona. Oti Perez has one of the few restaurants that are between the arcades, but is forced to close when night comes and thieves and prostitutes congregate in the area. Yet there were some years ago in the neighborhood of the bar with private rooms, where the prostitutes used to be entertained with customers in a strange form of cohabitation with the residents. Today we do not see more than the old ones working for the calle de Robadors. Today is full of young immigrants who not only sell on the street, but come to steal and fight to grab customers. 'E' on their bodies and can decide what to do - says Maria Casas, president of the 'local association Taula del Raval, but you must make a distinction in this right of the person with the' incivility and violence. "

ONCE UPON A TIME An Order - The sordid and degrading image of these young people kneeling or bent forward in front of their customers is proof of the failure of the ordinance approved four years ago by the city of Barcelona to end prostitution in the street . The order, still in force, provides for fines ranging from 120 to three thousand euro for sex on the street. But the police can not stop small prostitutes of La Boqueria - controlled by the mafia - that every night capture customers unscrupulously on the Ramblas. The police are powerless to declare phenomenon. "It's like playing cat and mouse," says a spokesman, explaining that the young prostitutes with clients from moving to another area Boqueria dimly lit former Barrio Chino, El Raval hours, and then to another yet, if they see the police arrive. Moreover, they point to the police, even though the city ordinance prohibiting sex on the street, prostitution in Spain is not a crime and is therefore difficult to prosecute the girls. The solution to the problem? The houses closed, indicate the residents. Here we go again. Meanwhile, every morning, wash the soil with tap water and bleach before placing the goods.

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