Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sex in school

"And if someone finds out?"
"But you say, I've locked, how do they find out?"
Manuel was excited, he just wants sex, and even Miky, but she feared that the janitor or someone else could find them.
"There is none," said Manuel Miky to pulling their own.
"You did well to put a skirt today," and slipped a hand under to touch her ass.
"I do not know Manuel, I'm afraid that someone will come"
"But those who want to come, stop by." His hand passed on Miky pussy and moaned.
"Of course I want too," Manuel said, rubbing her pussy.
"Yes, but ... ah!"
"So good, let me hear your panting"
"Yes, Manuel, ah!"
"You're soaking in a hurry"
"Yes, I want you, fuck me from"
"Hey up! You did not fear a moment ago?"
"Yes, but if you touch me so I do enjoy" said Miki loosing moving the jumper and bra. Her firm beautiful breasts jumped out and grabbed Manuel.
"Yes, well, ah!"
Manuel licking tits Miky and she writhed against the wall.
"Suck my nipples, so yeah, come on!"
There was a noise in the hallway, the sound of footsteps. Manuel broke away from the breast, Miky and listened ... someone had passed and was gone.
Miky Manuel took of him, kissed him passionately, then undid his jeans.
"Get against the wall," he said.
Miky slightly bitten by Manuel's penis over his underwear, then pulled him out and watched as his hand was up and down on it, then took it into his mouth.
While Manuel was made by Miky sucks, someone entered the bathroom adjacent to where they were. Both stood with bated breath, careful not to make noise, then went on Miky sucks to see if Manuel was able to hold the pant. Sucked with particular enthusiasm, looking at him, giggling. Miky Manuel moaned and sucked more. In the bathroom did not move, maybe they realized what was happening next door and we were intrigued.
This thought excited Miky that leaning over the sink and spread her legs moved her panties.
"Come and lick" Manuel said to only moving his lips.
Manuel knelt down and licked the pussy Miky, she let out her panting with pleasure. On the other bathroom is perceived noises muffled, maybe someone was masturbating.
Manuel could not resist anymore, "Now I do," he said and stuck his hard dick in pussy Miky.
"So come on, all in, fuck me!"
The sink slightly creaking under the pressures of Manuel, Miky spreading her legs more to get better penetration.
"Moreover, push, come on!"
"I've already come to Miky"
"And by waiting, that sucks, fuck me a little, come on!"
I wonder what he thought was the person in the bathroom Miky.
"Oh, I enjoy, I'm coming, push on, more! Ahhh!" Orgasm caught Miky writhing body, then took off his dick and Manuel was in his hand.
"Heck, I could not stand more," he said.
The other bathroom door opened and someone walked away.
Miky and Manuel waited a little, then cover and each went to their class.

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